In just a few hours, the best week to be a wrasslin’ fan in Philly kicks off with Ring of Honor’s War of the Worlds Night 1. All of the top stars from New Japan Pro Wrestling will collide with ROH talent inside the hallowed ECW Arena.

Then it happens again on Wednesday.

NXT comes to town on Thursday and Friday with back-to-back shows at Tower Theatre.

Luckily, we here at Wrestledelphia will be on hand for all four nights of action. And I say “luckily” because as of Monday morning, it didn’t seem like we would be able to attend the Friday show.

I had reached out to WWE’s media chief, Joe Villa, about a month ago to see if we could interview one of the NXT grapplers to promote the shows. Joe said he’d see what he could do, and that was the last I heard.

Mark and I discussed the possibilities of why our request was ignored and our brainstorm didn’t take long. As a matter of fact, a quick scroll through the main page of our site provides plenty of reasons. Pushing Chyna to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, condemning the now beloved Ultimate Warrior, any number of non-P.G. remarks in our weekly podcast…we don’t exactly gulp down the WWE Kool Aid.

And we’re proud of that. Our entire staff consists of journalism majors from Temple University who take great pride in reporting without fear or favor. While other publications or media outlets tend to avoid criticizing WWE because they don’t want to offend the powers-that-be and risk any interview or press pass privileges, we enjoy ripping Vinnie Mac and Triple H new arseholes when they deserve it.

Of course, we also commend them when they deserve it as well, not to mention giving them our money as diehard fans.

So we were ready to accept our fate and join Nailz as blacklisted by WWE until a shining light emerged through my screen as Villa came through with media credentials to cover Friday’s NXT show.

We fought the law, and by Gawd, we won.

This isn’t just a free ticket to a house show; this is validation and acknowledgement from the most prolific company in professional wrestling (or, ugh, sports-entertainment) that Wrestledelphia serves a purpose in the industry. We now rank up there with the Philadelphia Daily News and Wrestling Observer as legitimate media outlets for news and commentary on the squared circle.

Mark Whited’s baby boy has officially grown up.

But we couldn’t have hit puberty without Amanda, and you, our loyal readers.

So thank you for your support, and stick around for the ride as we bring you live coverage from ROH and NXT.

P.S.: A.J. Styles’ mystery opponent will be Samoa Joe. Guarandamnteed. editor John Corrigan can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @NotReady4Radio.