Wonder Woman: “Hollywood” Heather Webber Aims For The Top

“To be honest, I love the idea of being able to kick someone’s butt."

The first thing you notice about Heather Webber is her beauty.

The 6-foot-tall Amazonian with long blond hair and striking features would make any bypasser stop and take notice as she walks down the streets of Fernandina, Florida. The second thing you realize about Webber, a 25-year-old independent wrestler, is her passion for said business—her intellect and her desire to transform from an up-and-comer with hopes to one day appear on a particular cable network, working for a particular promotion with an eye toward being a world champion.

“Hollywood” Heather Webber is part of a growing number of females who are working the independent circuit, taking bumps in school gymnasiums, hotel banquet halls, and just about any place you can imagine. Every venue is different with its own mystique, but when she leaves, she hopes she has made her own impact on the business.

“To be honest, I love the idea of being able to kick someone’s butt,” Webber said emphatically. “It is such an adrenaline rush.”

That rush is something Webber has had running through her veins since her younger days as a fan. She was “discovered” in Ocala, Florida by none other than Dory Funk, Jr. about four years ago. Funk is credited with taking the neophyte and molding her into the budding star.

Everything she does in the ring now goes back to the teachings of Funk and how the foundation was laid for success. He has done things for her career and her training, Webber said, that others have missed.

“It was such a privilege to work with him,” Webber said. “He is so old school and taught me the basics. I wouldn’t be successful without him. He was great. Working with him was such an amazing experience.”

While WWE, TNA, and ROH are still the most recognized promotions in this business, small independents are the rage of late, giving competitors such as Webber a chance to live their dreams—to get a foot in the door and see what can happen. Webber believes the fact there are more women getting involved today is a testament to that opportunity on the lesser circuit.

“So many talented women who are coming out of the woodwork,” Webber said. “It is really a great time to be part of the business.”

Webber was influenced to jump the barrier by watching the likes of  Mickie James and Natalya. Their work stoked the fire inside Webber, but she currently draws influence from The Fabulous Moolah, Sherri Martel, and Wendi Richter.

Those pioneers make Webber appreciate her craft even more.

“They were so clean and sharp,” Webber said. “They were much different than wrestlers of today. They were so strong in the ring.”

For now, Webber is still working on her craft, learning and enjoying the good fortunes of being independent in this business.

She has been working in promotions such as CCW out of Fernandina Beach and will be working the OSF (Operation Save Foundation) in an all-women’s event in October.

“Honestly, I get to go to work and kick people’s asses,” Webber said. “I love the fact I get made up, get in a ring, and get to be a badass. It really goes back to that primal instinct. It’s such a rush. I love to perform. It is so much fun.”