Could somebody please explain to me what I saw in the closing segment of SmackDown LIVE?

It seems like only yesterday Raw had a booking problem. Four women playing round-robin in the ring, boring the fans with matches because that’s all the red team could muster. OK, that was a week ago and now the blue team is the one in need of counseling for lack of creativity.

Only now do I see the real value of both Alexa Bliss and Mickie James to the SmackDown LIVE roster. And didn’t Bliss look amazing Monday night?

Could someone phone a friend and help the situation? Charlotte and Naomi were closing out the night in a decent match when some drunk writer must have thought it would be a good idea to put Natalya, Tamina and Carmella together as some gangster trio to break the match up and stand over a fallen Charlotte.

What in the world? Oh, and if I see that troll James Ellsworth one more time reppin’ his girl on Tuesday night, I might just have to call Barry Horowitz to come out of retirement for one more match.

The women’s division now puts the “function” in dysfunction for the blue brand. It has become painful to watch.

Where is Paige to come out and shoot on how bad things are or how Charlotte is crowding her space? Where is Nikki Bella? Oh sorry, she’s planning a wedding and forgot she was a professional wrestler.

I believe at some point WWE wants to get back to a Charlotte and Bella feud. That’s where the money’s at. Making that happen right now might seem a bit premature. Naomi deserves a decent run with the belt while the creative team figures out what to do. If anything, the shakeup of rosters created a bit of drama – something both the red and blue teams needed. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Sasha Banks turned heel and switched teams.

That still might happen before the end of the year.

If WWE is going to continue with this newfound stable, what happens to Charlotte? Does she once again become a fan favorite? That does nothing for her character. As the company’s most dominant female, she must continue in the role she was born to play.

There aren’t enough baby faces to go around. News of Asuka making a jump to the main roster at some point, possibly this year with Paul Heyman as her manager, only adds to the confusion.

I’m so confused. I need a picture of Lita to help take my mind off of things.  WWE must figure out where it went wrong and fix it. The shakeup was supposed to make things better – not bore the hell out of the fans. Failure to find a peaceful resolution before SummerSlam (where Sasha will turn on Bayley) creates more problems and sets this division back to where it was over 18 months ago.

Fans don’t want another revolution, but they sure as hell want more stability. The blue team had it, and has now seemed to have lost it. A bigger commitment to the women on Tuesday nights would go a long way towards redefining that advantage once again.