Wrestling fans finally have a dating website, giving spectators of the squared circle a reason to chant “Yes! Yes! Yes!”  in Daniel Bryan’s absence.

As male and female fans know, it can be challenging to find that one special person to share your ultimate passion with. It’s often easier to keep your wrestling and dating lives separate.

Well, Steven Glenwick, the chief executive officer of the dating website, tagmeadate.com, had something different in mind when he was on his first date with the woman he now calls his wife.

Glenwick recalled how his wife knew where he wanted to be on their one-year anniversary—WrestleMania 27. Sharing the same love for professional wrestling, she flew him to Atlanta, Ga., for the event.

His connection with his wife gave him the idea to create the first and only dating website for fans of professional wrestling, he said in a phone interview this week.

“I think this will help bring people together to create their own WrestleMania moments,” Glenwick added.

Tag Me A Date launched last October, getting thousands of sign-ups throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

But this website, with the tagline “Wrestling night just became date night,” does not have your traditional Match.com or eHarmony.com features. Wrestling terminology is used instead throughout the site to keep with the theme for those true, hardcore fans.

The first step involves creating your wrestler, which is “ultimately yourself,” Glenwick said, noting that fans’ profiles remain “short, sweet, and to the point.”

It does not take hours to complete your profile like it does on other dating websites, answering mundane and invasive questions about yourself. They get right to the important stuff—asking questions like who your favorite tag team of all time is or what your first memory is from a live event.

“My feeling is we find matches based on how you respond to your profile,” Glenwick continued. “If you say your favorite wrestler is Dean Ambrose, it will start to match you with anyone else who puts that.”

Another component includes cutting a 15-second video promo about yourself for other “wrestlers” to see. Fans can “hot tag” anyone they like from their profiles, which are then added to a roster. Instant-messaging capabilities are another feature for those added to rosters to have more personal conversations.

“We are working around the clock to continue making this better,” Glenwick said.

With any new website, there are challenges and changes to be made.

The website has about 70 percent of male memberships and 30 percent of female fans, Glenwick said, adding that female sign-ups were a concern at first.

Most dating websites allow free memberships for women, but tagmeadate.com has not offered that, in hopes of preventing “cat-fishing,” a term used to describe someone pretending to be another person on the Internet.

“These things are going to happen, but we have been doing our due diligence,” said Glenwick. “We have some big changes coming.”

What's To Come For Tag Me A Date?

– Female fans will soon be able to sign up for free.
– The price of the membership for men will be less than the cost of the WWE Network—coming in at $9.95 a month. It is currently $35 a month, which is cheaper than other dating sites, Glenwick noted. Representatives are still assessing on making changes to the three-month, six-month and yearly subscription rates.
– Members will have the capability to search for people by location through a locker-room setup to keep with the theme.
– An app is still in the beginning stages, but building one “is expensive,” he noted. It’s anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000. Glenwick is working with some technology professionals to create a free app for both men and women.

Glenwick pointed out that being a wrestling fan can take up a lot of your free time, especially with the addition of the WWE Network. There are live events, reality shows, and podcasts to keep up with on a weekly basis for those true, hardcore wrestling fans.

Through this website, fans can turn wrestling nights into date nights.

“I’ve been a wrestling fan all my life,” Glenwick said. “I’ve never had more fun than when I had my friends together and watched Monday Night Wars. I shared it with people who were excited about it. It works the same way with relationships.”

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